Practically anything – loose paper, plastic or metal wiro bound documents, books, arch-lever files, stapled reports. However, you should not mix paper and hard drives / USB or flash drives because IT assets need to be kept separate for shredding.
Yes we can. We have a range of aides designed to help your organisation educate and inform colleagues and employees about what to shred. We also provide guidelines on how to be mindful of fraud risk, as well as identifying theft and data breach (GDPR and WEEE Directive). These are available as generic aides or they can be personalised and dual branded.
Your material will travel to our nearest and appropriate regional depot – Aberdeen, Appledore, Ashford, Belfast, Bicester, Bridgewater, Bristol, Bury, (Manchester), Camberley, Cheltenham, Chester, Durham, Gateshead, Glasgow, Greenwich (London), Haydock, March (Cambridge), Sheffield, Whitchurch and Yeovil. All shredding services are fully compliant with BS EN 15713:2009 which includes staff vetting to BS7858. This is written in to The Shredding Alliance’s scope of services for ISO9001:2008 accreditation which is annually audited by a UKAS approved body.
Absolutely – yes. The standard shred particle size is 16mm but we can shred down to 4mm for high security clients (virtually dust!). In 2017, there are new ‘particle’ grades being introduced to the UK and our vehicles already conform to the new particle sizes 1-4.
There isn’t a minimum. Customers range from single-site (below 50 employees) to multi-site (1,000+ employees). Shredding, recycling and frequency of service is entirely personalised to each customer and compliance with recommended guidelines. Call us on 0800 824 7799 for a quote.
Yes you can – both for on-site destruction and off-site, if you choose to attend one of our regional depots.
Your material is removed and locked in a security vehicle which returns to the nearest depot. The material is immediately unloaded and shredded the day it arrives – no delay. A Certificate of Destruction is then posted to you.

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