The nature of our business makes the environment a key consideration in every area of our operations – from the documents, paper, and materials we shred and then recycle – through to the environmentally friendly practices we have implemented in our head office. And depots?

Here are just a few of the things we do to make sure we are limiting our environmental impact and making a positive contribution to a more sustainable world:

-    On-site – paper based documents (typically mixed paper from various locations) – baled and recycled into tissue based products like kitchen roll or facial tissues.
-    Off-site – higher quality paper is typically sorted, shredded and baled – if it is high enough grade this will be recycled into A4 photocopying paper.
-    All high security shredded paper is sent for composting (the shred size is too small for recycling into paper based products).
-    As part of our commitment to the UK environment and reducing carbon footprint, all baled paper is sent to UK mills for recycling.  The only exception to this is when paper is recycled back into A4 photocopying paper which has to be completed in mainland Europe.

If you need any further details on our recycling policies, procedures or programmes please feel free to get in touch. We will also help wherever we can if you have specific CSR requirements.